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How to Add Exercise to Your Daily Routine?

How to Add Exercise to Your Daily Routine?

It is recommended that you exercise at least 30 minutes a day. However, most people are busy with work, kids, and running errands. Even though it can be difficult to make time for exercise, it is possible to do without altering your schedule. Squeezing exercise into your schedule does not have to be a chore. Its is easier than you think! 

If you modify some of the actions you do already, you can have a healthier lifestyle without putting in a lot of effort. Here are five ways you can exercise throughout your day:

Take the stairs 

Believe it or not, taking the stairs is often faster than the elevator. This is especially true if your going to the second or third floor. You are not waiting for the elevator to reach your floor and your not pausing when someone gets off. If you take the stairs a few times a day (especially at work), your exercising. 

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Do squats during commercial breaks 

Most people change the channel whenever a commercial comes on. Instead of doing that, why not do squats? All you have to do is stand up and sit back down on the couch. Repeat standing up and sitting down until your show is back on. 

This is VERY tiring, especially if your watching an hour-long show! If you get too tired to do squats after a few commercial breaks (I get tired after a 30 minute show), change it up by doing push-ups, sit-ups, stretching, or walking around your house.

Walk while talking on the phone 

If you're the type that talks on the phone with friends and family for long periods of time, this is a simple one. You don't even have to leave your house; just start walking around while your on the phone. It may seem unusual but it works. 

You can easily walk for 30 minutes if your spending that same amount of time talking on the phone. Since your talking on the phone, you don't even realize your exercising.

Park in the back of the parking lot 

Being in the front of the parking lot can be annoying because of other cars getting in your way and pedestrians not paying attention. You can prevent this by parking in the back of the parking lot and walk. 

Not only is it healthier, but it's usually easier to leave the parking lot as well. Also, you don't have to worry as much about someone hitting or scratching your car.

Break up a 30 minute walk into increments

Three 10-minutes walks is easier to do when your very busy. It can lower your stress level throughout your day. Some ways of getting mini-walks into your day include 10 minutes when you get up, 10 minutes of your lunch break and 10 minutes when you arrive home after work. 

You don't have to go outside or change your clothes to do this. You can even do 5 minutes at a time; any increment will work. 

You can also do jumping jacks, squats, etc....anything to get your body moving.

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