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Sneak Exercise into Everyday Living with These Tips

  We've all heard about parking as far from store entrances as possible, and taking the stairs, to help control weight and encourage fitness. I'm a certified personal trainer, and I'd like to share some tips that I give to my clients all the time. How you move is just as important as how often you move. The following are guidelines that, when practiced, will make a noticeable difference in your fitness, energy, muscle tone and weight. Shopping-exercise Tips Wear sneakers on your shopping trips. Dressy or heeled shoes will discourage swift movement. When traversing the parking lot, jog or walk very fast. Leap over puddles. Unless you are searching for particular items on display, walk briskly, rather than stroll, from point A in the shopping center to point B. When taking stairs, do it two steps at a time or bolt up them as fast as possible. If you're carrying packages, do

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