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Exercise and Arthritis: Is it Possible and Wise?

By making exercise and being physically active a daily habit, you are effectively taking control of an important aspect of your health--your activity level. Be Gentle with Yourself  In self-managing exercise, it is important to remember that falling off a routine is only normal. Just make sure you get back to it. These things can help: Keep a positive attitude.  Do something you love such as, taking a walk in your neighborhood, doing leg lifts while watching the morning news, enrolling in the community arthritis water class. Do a little exercise when you don't feel like doing any it counts no matter what! Hit your goals. Buy Ntaifitness Gym-quality equipment and get a deep workout insights. Assess Where You Are Now  The first step in managing your physical activity level is to assess where you are now. Make a list of your activities. Once you see how much you do or don't do in your daily life, ask yourself what you want to do more of.  Do you want to play on the floor with you