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How to Do Leg Press, Shop Online Today!

How to Do Leg Press, Shop Online Today!
How to Do Leg Press, Shop Online Today!

What is Leg Press? 

Leg Press is a weight training workout for strength involves pushing weights or resistance away with your legs. Build lower-body strength without putting a bunch of weight on the spine.

There are few Leg Press variations such as vertical, horizontal and incline. Most common of all is the horizontal one which is also the Seated Leg Press – we would demonstrate today.

  • Leg Press Muscled Worked: calves, Hamstrings, hips, Quadriceps 
  • EQUIPMENT: leg press

Leg Press Vs Squats

  • Leg Press is seated, uses weights, and performed on a machine.
  • Squats require standing and lifting weights on your shoulders, usually.

Both works on the same muscles and people do argue on which one is better. We believe both have different purposes depending on your goal. Both can be used interchangeably and none is better than the other.

In Squats, your core is engaged and it gives you an overall balance between the upper and lower body. However, squats need a meticulous form to avoid injury.

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Benefits of the Leg Press

1. Build Strength Post Injury

The leg press can be a viable option for those athletes and lifters who may have pain and discomfort (due to injury) when loaded in the squat. While it is not suggested to disregard addressing the pain and discomfort, the leg press can be used to build fundamental quadriceps strength during times of rehabilitation.

If you are experiencing any physical pain and discomfort during training and/or outside the gym, please seek out a sports medicine professional.

How to Do Leg Press, Shop Online Today!
How to Do Leg Press, Shop Online Today!

2. Increase Quadriceps Development

Increasing quadriceps hypertrophy and knee extension-specific performance can be beneficial for a variety of athletes. Strength and power athletes rely on the quadriceps for heavy squats, making the leg press a good accessory exercise to add additional quadriceps mass while minimizing overall stress to the body/lower back/spine.

Other movements like the back/front squats and split squats, while highly beneficial, can be limited by back and core strength and balance. The leg press allows lifters and athletes to attack the quadriceps without other muscle groups holding them back.

Please note, the leg press is a helpful accessory movement for strength, power, and fitness athletes; but should not be used as a primary substitution for most forms of squatting and unilateral work.


3. Minimize Direct Load in the Back

The leg press allows lifters and coaches to reduce loading on the spine yet still train the lower body. This can be beneficial for athletes recovering from injury and/or looking to limit additional stress while increasing lower body training volume.

How to Use the Leg Press Machine

Before getting started, add weight to the machine; 25- to 35-pound plates on each side is a good starting point. If this is too heavy or too light, feel free to adjust the weight.

Load the machine, set the back support to an appropriate angle for your body—if you aren’t sure what adjustments to make, don’t hesitate to ask a gym employee. Position yourself in the machine with your feet between hip- and shoulder-width apart and your back flat against the pad.

Push the platform just enough to release the supports, and set your body so your hips, knees, and ankles are all bent about 90 degrees in the starting position.

Push against the platform until your legs are straight, slowly return to the starting position, and repeat, keeping your lower back in its natural arch throughout the movement.

Press down through your heels and feet and into your big toe until your legs are extended all the way, keeping the knees soft rather than locked, then lower back down.

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