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Muscle Building Workout Routines That Produce Fast Results

To build your muscles faster, you have to tailor your training to certain principles and perform several workouts. There's no one-size-fits-all for muscle building technique. You need several workout practices to achieve your goal. It also requires discipline and consistency to achieve desired results.

Below are some workout routines that can help you realize faster results in building your muscles:

● Do Squats –
Squats are the best mass building exercises everyone can do, although commercial gym equipment manufacturers have developed new hack and leg press squat machines. The good thing is that these machines can never replace the natural squat. To perfect your squat technique, stand with the feet a bit wider than your hips and the toes pointed outwards just slightly. Look straight ahead and not down or up. Keep your body tight at this time and breathe in as you break at your hip and push back your butt. Send your hips backward with your knees bending. Please note your hips should push back before bending your knees. Keep your back straight and your shoulders and chest up as you focus straight ahead. Your knees need to be in line with your feet as you squat down, and let your hip joint be lower than your knees. The backward motion with the hips brings your glutes and hamstrings on and allow you to lift some weight. Accompany your squats with leg presses and lunges.

● Build your strength –
You should be able to add weight week after week for sets of 4-6 reps. You can use the bench to make over 100 pound increase in strength. Some of the other strength building exercises include goblet squats, dumbbell rows, push-ups, lateral squats, stationary lunges, hip extensions (hip thrusts/glute bridges, to mention a few.

● Food intake for bodybuilding –
The essential aspect of bodybuilding is nutrition. After every hard workout, your body will need enough nutrients to build and repair the damaged muscle tissue. You will need more protein and extra calories from fats and carbs every time before and after training. Eat fats with proteins during the day too. For carbs, you can eat potatoes, oats and other grains. With fats, consume lots of olive oil, avocados, red meat, and nuts.  

Creating a perfect bodybuilding workout plan and a matching diet is a process. You need to have a timetable of the days of workout, the exercises to focus on, your periods of rest, the number of reps to perform for each exercise and much more. However, you plan your program, don’t waste time, just hit the gym.

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